Art Systems integrates into Westcoast

Art Systems integrates into Westcoast

Art Systems has continued its integration into Westcoast by moving onto the latter’s own systems. 

Art Systems has been a part of the Westcoast Group for eight years. As a distributor and service provider of large format printers, 3D printers and cutters/finishers Art Systems has supported a wide range of resellers from print specialists to IT VARS.  

Over time, the two businesses have become ever more closely integrated, with Westcoast providing warehousing capacity, space for specialist stock and spares and most recently by combining office space with Westcoast’s own print sales team in a newly combined Nottingham office.   

The latest step in this integration is a move onto Westcoast’s own systems. This is designed to give both companies market efficiencies, expand the customer base for Art Systems’ own vendor partners (e.g. Summa’s cutters and Hahnemuehle’s fine art papers) and will make more of Westcoast’s huge product range more readily available to Art Systems customers. All Art Systems employees transfer to Westcoast and customers will retain their existing relationships. Art Systems’ leading field services team will also be available to all Westcoast customers along with their specialist knowledge.  

“We have taken time to ensure there is nothing but a positive impact on our business for ourselves and our partners in this latest integration,” said Mark Lambert, Art Systems technical director. “We will still have the most focused specialist sales force and engineering support for resellers to use – but can further leverage all that is strong about our parent company Westcoast.”   

Alex Tatham, Westcoast’s executive director, agreed: “Combining our two companies ever more closely will provide Art Systems with the UK’s best distributor’s systems and inventory available to all Art’s customer base,” he said.