Ignite your industry insight at drupa: 28 May to 7 June 2024

Drupa 2024: Exhibitors, Innovations, and Dates Revealed - All You Need to Know!

Drupa 2024 is the leading international trade fair for the printing and media industry, offering the latest innovations from global exhibitors. The event is a must-attend for professionals seeking to explore the future of print technology, with a focus on digitalisation, sustainability and emerging trends. Currently there are 1637 exhibitors exhibiting 5193 variations of innovations, products, processes and technology. The event is held at Düsseldorf Messe in Düsseldorf Germany (Messe largely translates into “trade fair” or “exhibition centre”).

  • Drupa 2024 (stylised as “drupa”) is a leading trade fair for the print and packaging industry, showcasing the latest innovations and technologies.
  • Attending drupa 2024 gives you the opportunity to see a wide range of international exhibitors from various sectors of the industry, providing valuable insights and networking opportunities.
  • The event will take place from 28 May to 7 June 2024, at the Messe Düsseldorf in Germany.

A Sneak Peek into drupa 2024

Drupa 2024 is not just any event, it’s a significant gathering in the world of printing and industrial applications, and it only takes place every four years. It’s a platform where the latest advancements in the printing and packaging industries gets unveiled to the world. You will find an array of exhibitions from various industry leaders, and the chance to learn about groundbreaking technologies that will shape the future. It is largely focused on showcasing new technology and advancements being made to existing machinery and processes.

Why Should You Go?

The answer is simple: to stay ahead of the curve. Drupa 2024 is a hub for networking and learning. It’s a place where you can interact with the key players in the industry, such as Canon who will be showcasing their LabelStream 2000, and gain insights into their latest innovations and get inspired. It’s an opportunity to see what these industry giants are working on, their latest offerings, and their vision for the future. In the words of Olaf Lorenz, General Manager Global Brand Management at Konica Minolta, Inc. “..we are looking forward to welcoming visitors to our stand to help them rethink possibilities, ignite their creative ideas, and see the potential in print…”

If you are working in any of the related industries – from prepress technicians, press operators, packaging technologists, flexographic printers etc. and/or you are responsible for the procurement of some of these amazing machines, software and equipment, then it is worth a visit. From digital printing technologies to industrial applications, there’s bound to be something that will pique your interest. 


Q: What is Drupa 2024?
A: Drupa 2024 is the leading trade fair for printing technologies where industry professionals can explore the latest innovations and trends in the printing and packaging sector.

Q: Why should I go to Drupa 2024?
A: You should attend Drupa 2024 to discover cutting-edge technologies, network with industry experts, and gain valuable insights into the future of printing and packaging.

Q: Who will be exhibiting at Drupa 2024?
A: Drupa 2024 will feature a wide range of exhibitors from various sectors including printing machinery, materials, software, and services, providing attendees with a comprehensive overview of the industry. For the full list, visit the drupa website.

Q: What are the latest innovations to be revealed at Drupa 2024?
A: Drupa 2024 will showcase the newest developments in printing technologies such as digital printing, packaging solutions, automation and sustainable practices, offering a glimpse into the future of the industry.

Q: When is Drupa 2024?
A: Drupa 2024 will take place from 28 May to 7 June 2024, in Düsseldorf, Germany.