Canon starting 2024 with new updates to uniFLOW Online

Canon starting 2024 with new updates to uniFLOW Online

Canon’s uniFLOW Online has been awarded the BLI Award for Outstanding Cloud Output Management Solution six years in a row – 2019–2024. This industry recognition has helped the platform growth and open new possibilities for companies to improve office workflow management and increase productivity. 

Workflow management is becoming increasingly important for organisations that want to streamline their document workflows, improve efficiency and enhance collaboration. Filling Assist is built into uniFLOW Online. This innovative feature sets uniFLOW Online aside from any other print management solution. Leveraging automatic document type recognition to scan batches of repetitive documents, users can train their own templates using selectable OCR blocks and save documents to their destination. Filing Assist enhances productivity by limiting error-prone manual tasks, inconsistent file names and time-intensive document archiving. 

Being a highly flexible solution, uniFLOW Online is continuously improving with live updates, which allows customers of all sizes to take advantage of instantly accessing the latest features and functionality on a regular basis, which benefits those with a public-cloud print management solution, including those operating in a Zero Trust environment. 

Adopting these industry-leading principles allows uniFLOW Online to provide security measures such as isolating tenants, encrypting and compressing print jobs, restricting access to authorised users only, as well as allowing users to release print jobs securely through the platform. Canon and NT-Ware’s ISO27001 certifications further ensure that this is a highly secure platform.

Helping MPS providers to deliver digital transformation solutions and services, uniFLOW Online offer Fleet Management Tool to aid IT departments to keep control of their devices by monitoring their entire fleet across all activity and inactivity. Producing reports such as usage of devices, count volumes and types of printing, they can also receive email notifications if devices have issues (e.g., paper jams or errors), enabling them to respond straightaway and be more efficient.

uniFLOW Online does not store any user passwords. Instead, credentials from Microsoft Azure Active Directly, Active Directory Federation Services or a locally hosted Active Directory® can be used for login, along with social logins like Facebook and Google. The technology is automatically updated with the latest security features in real-time, ensuring service uptime of nearly 99.9% thanks to multiple data centres.

uniFLOW Online also boasts a new user interface, which is modern, flexible and easy to customise, allowing organisations to present company updates, images and logos to personalise for business needs. Additionally, the job delegation feature allows users to optimise hybrid working by allowing other members in the team to print jobs on their behalf. 

The latest update for uniFLOW Online presented further support for payment provider options, adding QuickPay to the platform opens a wide range of payment methods. The platform can support different payment providers to support users with different payment needs. For example, university students can top up their digital wallets via PayPal, WPM (Flywire) and now QuickPay to pay for their printing. 

Key development areas for uniFLOW Online for the future include additional payment providers, support for additional hardware vendors, further hybrid deployment and a further extension of printing in micro-segmented Zero Trust environments.