Epson’s Waste Reduction Drive: Pioneering Longevity in Printer Technology

Epson Extends Business Printer Warranties and Parts Replacement to Address Circular Economy and Waste Reduction Goals

Epson is enhancing product circularity and waste reduction targets by extending warranties and parts replacement on business printers. This move promises a serviceable life of up to eight years, extending the typical replacement cycle and promoting sustainability. The printers, using Heat-Free technology, impose less stress on parts, lasting longer and requiring fewer resources. This initiative breaks the norm of the four-to-five-year product replacement cycle, aligning with Epson’s ultimate goal of being completely underground resource free by 2050.

  • Epson has introduced an extended warranty and parts replacement program for its business printers, guaranteeing a serviceable life of up to eight years.
  • Epson’s inkjet printers, which use Heat-Free printing technology, last longer and require fewer serviceable parts and consumables compared to laser printers.
  • This initiative supports sustainability efforts by reducing the need to replace products and dispose of old ones, helping Epson and its partners achieve their sustainability goals.

Tackling Waste Goals Head-On: Epson’s Extended Warranties and Part Replacement Programme

In an effort to enhance circularity and reduce e-waste, Epson is revamping its approach to product life cycles. The latest initiative involves extended warranties and parts replacement for business printers, a move that will guarantee serviceable life for up to eight years.

Heat-Free Printing: The Key to Longevity

Epson’s innovative Heat-Free printing technology plays a vital role in this. Unlike laser technology, it puts less strain on serviceable parts, which in turn enhances their lifespan. Additionally, these inkjets require fewer serviceable parts and consumables than their laser counterparts, which simplifies servicing and management. This also contributes to their ability to outlast the conventional ‘four-to-five-year print contract period’.

Breaking the Replacement Cycle

The focus of the programme is to deter users from replacing products at the four or five-year mark. Instead, Epson is assuring the ongoing utility of their printers.

“By extending the warranty period and providing an easy parts replacement programme where needed, we’re able to provide a ‘peace of mind’ solution to using products for a much longer period of time. By doing this, we can extend the replacement cycle and reduce the need to create new products and dispose of the old.” – Gareth Jay, Epson Europe

Addressing Sustainability Goals

This initiative aligns with the sustainability objectives of Epson’s partners and end users. It challenges the established consumption process and supports the continued use of existing, functional products.

Maximising Resource Use

Epson’s new programme also contributes to its aim of maximising value from resource use. The ultimate ambition? To be underground resource free by 2050, a significant move towards sustainability.

Final Thoughts

Epson’s extended warranties and part replacement programme is an encouraging step towards resource conservation and e-waste reduction. By increasing the serviceable life of its products and encouraging the continued use of working printers, Epson is not only meeting the demands of its end users but also promoting a more sustainable future. It’s a promising strategy that, if successful, could pave the way for similar initiatives in the tech industry.


Q: What is Epson’s extended warranty and parts replacement programme for its business printers?
A: Epson has established an extended warranty and parts replacement programme for its business printers to address circularity and waste reduction goals. This programme extends typical contracted printer life cycles by up to three years to a maximum of eight, supporting sustainability efforts for end users and channel partners.

Q: How do Epson inkjet printers differ from laser printers?
A: Epson inkjet printers use Heat-Free printing technology, which imposes fewer stresses on their serviceable parts compared to laser printers. This technology allows Epson inkjet printers to last longer. Additionally, inkjet printers use fewer serviceable parts and consumables, making them easier to service and manage.

Q: How does Epson guarantee the continued use of their printers?
A: To reduce the desire to replace products at the four-to-five-year mark, Epson is extending the warranty period and providing an easy parts replacement programme where needed. This ensures that customers can continue using their working products for a much longer period of time, thus extending the replacement cycle and reducing the need for new product creation and disposal.

Q: Why is Epson implementing this programme?
A: Epson is implementing this programme because they understand that channel partners and end users want to continue using working products rather than replacing them based on established processes. By breaking this standard, Epson helps their partners address their own sustainability goals and contributes to overall waste reduction efforts.

Q: What are Epson’s goals regarding resource use?
A: Epson’s goal is to be underground resource-free by 2050. The extended warranty and parts replacement programme allows Epson to gain maximum value from resource use, bringing them a step closer to achieving this goal.