Meet the Latest Innovation: Star Micronics’ mC-Label3 and TSP143IVSK Compact Printers

Star Micronics extends range of labelling solutions

Star Micronics has launched its mC-Label3 and TSP143IVSK compact label printers in response to demand for labelling applications from a range of sectors including retail, healthcare and logistics.

With demand growing for labelling products in a variety of sectors, PoS printer manufacturer Star Micronics has introduced its mC-Label3 and TSP143IVSK printers, which are designed to print permanent and repositionable labels, food orders, delivery and takeaway labels for hospitality as well as product labels for businesses in the retail, healthcare and logistics sectors. 

Building on the success to date of Star’s labelling solutions for retail and hospitality, the introduction of mC-Label3 and TSP143IVSK extends the breadth of Star’s portfolio and responds to demand for solutions that cater to an array of labelling applications across a range of sectors.  


As an integral part of Star’s mCollection™, mC-Label3 can print on a variety of media from one easy-to-use device including low adhesive ‘re-stick’ labels, alongside high adhesive permanent and semi-permanent linerless media. In addition to a range of label printing options including fully adjustable label widths from 25mm to 80mm wide, mC-Label3 features black mark and GAP sensors. Designed for traditional liner pre-sized labels, continuous label rolls and receipt paper, the printer is ideal for businesses that use a variety of media or are planning to move from traditional labelling to linerless media in the future.   

The mC-Label3 has been designed to be as user friendly as possible. With paper position, paper width detection and simple drop-in loading, different media can be loaded with ease and, thanks to its jam free operation, reliable printing is ensured. Simple LEDs indicate connectivity and when cleaning and maintenance are necessary.  

Star Micronics also has an eye on sustainability and the increasing desire from users to enhance the longevity of their printers, and to this end parts can simply be replaced by the user. Star’s cloud-based free labelling app offers a wide range of pre-designed label templates, whilst the one touch label function allows for storing and printing of up to three label designs.


Alternatively, for businesses seeking a compact linerless-only label and order printing solution, Star has introduced the TSP143IVSK. Based on Star’s established TSP100 Series, the TSP143IVSK boasts optimal versatility and ergonomic design, printing on low tack linerless re-stick media from 40mm to 80mm.  Linerless media, with no backing paper, offers significant paper saving advantages with more labels per roll than standard label rolls. Cost savings can be achieved alongside enhanced operational efficiency and sustainability thanks to fewer roll changes and no liner waste. Moreover, the TSP143IVSK benefits from the power cable, interface cables and paper guide included at purchase as well as a four-year warranty as standard.   

Following Star’s success in POS and order printing solutions in the hospitality market, the new label printers demonstrate Star’s focus on the growing requirement for allergy and food labelling, clear delivery and takeaway customer order labels, particularly with linerless media. As repositionable thermal labels can be applied to virtually any surface and be removed easily and reapplied without residue, the label can track an order through the entire preparation process from initial order to delivery, providing the potential for greater order accuracy and efficiency.


In line with today’s multi-channel ordering and printing expectations in retail and hospitality, mC-Label3 and TSP143IVSK benefit from multiple interfaces for local PC, network, tablet and cloud connectivity. Furthermore, both printers include Ethernet LAN and USB-C connectivity as well as direct sync and charge with supported tablets, together with hub connectivity to connect a scanner or customer display. 

mC-Label3 additionally features Bluetooth connectivity, whilst the printers equally benefit from a Wireless LAN option with Star’s MCW10 module. Star’s CloudPRNT™ technology is included as standard on both models for printing directly from central ordering platforms and websites.

 With CloudPRNT widely used by retail and hospitality establishments worldwide as part of an online ordering platform or e-commerce solution, Star also provides StarPrinter.Online, a fully managed service for businesses to manage the printer estate with minimal set-up time and cost as well as near zero integration. And, for enhanced online visibility of connectivity and print jobs over an entire printer estate, the service offers device management via an online dashboard to provide an overview of all devices and activity including reliable tracking of print jobs with notification of device status changes, barcode scans, new device connections to a group, etc.  

Additional printers and peripherals can simply be added without the need for server upgrades, further enhancing the versatility of the service.

 “Building on the success of its existing POS printer range for retail and hospitality, Star’s new mC-Label3 and TSP143IVSK label printers provide further opportunity for customers to broaden their portfolio of Star solution products,” says Simon Martin, director and general manager, Star Micronics EMEA. 

“Designed to expertly meet the demands of a wide array of labelling applications and omnichannel commerce across retail, hospitality, healthcare and logistics, the printers boast exceptional versatility and performance.”

The devices are available for purchase now. For more information go to