Revolutionising On-Demand Printing: Sharp Launches Two Powerful MFPs

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Sharp has launched two new Pro Series MFPs, designed to meet the evolving needs of on-demand light production printing. The new models, BP-90C80 and BP-90C70, offer an entry level solution for printing at a reduced cost, with higher printing capabilities, high quality precise printing and improved productivity for heavier weight media.

In many industries, the nature of printing has changed, and many businesses now need to print a range of jobs – often in different sizes – and this means the printer they use needs to have that flexibility to accommodate that.

To this end, Sharp has launched two new MFPs to its successful Pro Series, the BP-90C80 and BP-90C70. They bring together Sharp’s complete edge to edge full bleed printing capabilities with Fiery digital front
ends and are designed to meet the needs of any business.

The new models facilitate paper weights of up to 360gsm and offer increased productivity across a range of heavier paper weights, with engine speeds operating at 100% efficiency all the way up to 220gsm. 

The BP-90C70 offers printing at 70/75ppm colour/BW, with the BP-90C80 operating at 80/80ppm colour/BW. Additionally, full bleed booklets and brochures are supported with optional trimming, stapling and hole-punching, page insertion and different folds. A range of paper types are also accounted for, with coated, uncoated and textured stock supported from the input tray through to a choice of finishing systems.

Organisations looking to bring an on-demand printing solution in-house can benefit from Sharp’s integration of the latest generation Fiery Print Servers featuring the Fiery FS600 Pro platform. The Fiery Print Servers can be embedded into the BP-90C80 and BP-90C70 or installed externally. By relying on the Fiery Server’s advanced processing and automated job preparation capabilities, the latest additions to the Sharp Pro Series offer advanced control for local and remote Mac and PC clients to edit, submit and preview jobs before printing without sacrificing speed.

Sharp’s new models also offer advanced colour management across a full range of jobs, guaranteeing colour consistency and management through profiling and troubleshooting for maximum accuracy.

Both models feature Sharp’s largest 15.4” integrated colour touchscreen with multi-touch finger swipe control supported. An updated status screen allows for advanced job queue visibility. Fiery’s embedded controller simplifies job programming with easy-to-master colour tools. 

In addition, the models can be integrated into Microsoft Teams or Gmail through a native connector, meaning employees can easily print from and scan documents to their email, Teams channels and folders. A modular design allows for a range of configurations, including an option to increase paper supply up to 13,500 sheets, preparing users for uninterrupted printing at maximum productivity.

For those looking at sustainability, the BP-90C80 and BP-90C70 offer lower energy consumption rates across its toner and scan technology, achieving Blue Angel certification. In addition, Sharp also uses fully recyclable materials for packaging, and long-life consumable parts, which help to extend its life in the field.

The new models are available to buy now from Sharp and its dealer partners.

Advice for resellers

For resellers planning on selling the BP-90C80 and BP-90C70, Kerry Rush, product marketing manager at Sharp UK, says that the best strategy is for resellers to know the machine and their customers. “We have seen the devices have success across the education, corporate and commercial sectors, within their in-house print rooms,” she says. “However, it’s important to remember it’s not a production print device so should not be positioned for high demand environments such as pay per print. 

“Resellers should highlight the edge-to-edge printing capabilities with the ability to do A4 and A5 brochures.”

As mentioned, resellers should be looking to sell to customers with in-house print rooms across the education, corporate and commercial sectors. “These are the ideal settings for this device,” says Kerry. “This is because the device allows a much greater level of control in-house, alongside the ability to print on demand and in the quantities
they need. 

“Using this device means it’s also easier to see test prints, making any amendments in-house, saving time, money and ensuring that the desired quality and finish is achieved. In comparison to outsourced printing where there are minimum requirements for a print run, which is often far greater than the need, leading to enhanced cost and potential wastage.” 

Kerry adds that it is important for resellers to understand the end user and how they print to be able to demonstrate the features and functions of the machine in full. “Resellers should encourage customers into showrooms to showcase the device and how the machine works,” she says. “This will also allow resellers to answer any questions in real-time and demonstrate solutions in full.” 

Kerry adds that there are also opportunities for resellers to upsell on the devices. “Especially now that it’s easier to switch between the standard Sharp controller and the Fiery controller,” she says. “With this device, those that want to print general items for office use can do so and those that want to look at light production items such as brochures, are also able to do so.”

Editors View

Sharp’s new BP-90C80 and BP-90C70 models offer a solution for businesses in many sectors – a versatility that should make it an ideal product for resellers to add to their portfolio.

With more businesses looking to take their print-in house, these products have been launched at an opportune moment and resellers that have good relationships with customers in the education, corporate and commercial sectors can look to capitalise on this in particular. With the increased paper weights and production capacity, it is ideal for businesses that are looking to print volumes, especially things like brochures – something these printers are suited to.

The connectivity available to things like Microsoft Teams will also be valued by customers. Likewise its sustainability credentials will also be well received – including the long-life parts are many businesses are seeking to increase the longevity of printers in the field.